Cubes 90 Litre Bags NL

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Cubes 90 Litre Bags NL


Rockwool is a fiber made up of natural or synthetic minerals or metal oxides. Rockwool, though commonly used for insulation have also been popularly used in gardening.

Best to wear gloves when preparing medium , also a thorough soaking and ph adjusting is beneficial .


The perfect media for container grown plants! Grodan Grow Cubes or rockwool croutons retain water while their uniform shape (1 x 1 x 1 cm) provides plenty of air around the root zone. This ideal air to water ratio promotes robust root growth and ensures the success of your crop.

• Excellent water-retention
• Continual high air content
• Water is readily available to plants
• Sterile substrate for use in container gardens
• Normal distribution of water throughout the depth

Available size: 2 cu ft Bag — enough to fill 23 one gallon pots.

Grower’s Tip:
When growing in a sterile media, you have fewer problems with pests and require less pesticides (up to 90% less). Also, the amount of fertilizer used is about 1/4 the amount normally required for the same crop grown in soil.

Weight 3.000 kg

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