Flood & Drain Controller

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Flood & Drain Controller


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The PLANT!T Flood & Drain controller is designed for use in hydroponics systems with multiple individual planters, flooded from a reservoir through a distribution control tank. All planters fill level with the control tank, via feed lines.

Float switches in the control tank manage the flood and drain, with the complete cycle initiated by the controller, therefore only start times need to be set.


  • Easy one-touch manual food cycle – for testing or occasional extra watering
  • Back-up battery – to protect time and settings in case of power cut or accidental disconnection
  • Reservoir low function – warning and cycle override to protect the pump
  • Drain damper function – to ensure proper system drainage
  • Simple factory reset – to clear all settings and clock
  • You will need two pumps , a reservoir , a control tank and piping/ fittings.

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