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G.E.T. Neem Oil


G.E.T. Neem

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G.E.T. Neem will give you the power to control grow room pests, ridding them from your room and saving all plants.

Neem oil is taken from the Azadirachta Indica tree, found in Africa and Asia. This tree has many characteristics that insects and pests do not like, this neem oil works as a naturally occurring pesticide.

It can be used as both a preventative and a cure, and is effective against all commonly found grow room pests. The active compounds in neem create hormonal disruptions within the insects, and can prevent them from feeding, breeding and metamorphosing. This of course inhibits the ability to procreate and stops the course of infestation.

Apply regularly as a foliar spray to both prevent and cure infestations throughout veg and early flowering.

Typical Dose: 1 ltr makes 142 to 333 ltrs of spray.


250ml, 1L

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