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GHE MaxiBloom 1kg


MaxiBloom by General Hydroponics is a pulverized fertilizer

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MaxiBloom by General Hydroponics is a pulverized fertilizer (dry fertilizer) on mineral basis. Your plants are provided optimally with the needed primary, secondary, and micro nutrients during the blooming period. The fertilizer is pH-buffered, which means that the pH-value stays stable, as soon as the desired target-value is reached. MaxiBloom increases the crop and the quality of the harvest, supports a rich development of fruits and blossom and is suitable for a great diversity of plant types.

MaxiBloom is highly concentrated and dissolve fast in water. In dry condition, it is easy to transport and store, which makes this fertilizer a favorite choice for gardeners who work outdoors.

Due to the profitable application and the easy transportability, MaxiBloom is suitable for all plant types and water qualities. If in a hydroponic system, in coco substrate, with or without soil – MaxiBloom can be used for all cultivation methods.

How is the Maxi series supposed to be used?
Since the fertilizer is highly concentrated, it has to be mixed well when added to the nutrient solution, so that it can dissolve fast.

Why Maxi series?
A small amount is sufficient for an entire harvest. The composition of MaxiGro and MaxiBloom in concentrated form is the result of 30 years of experience of GHE in the development and production of organic plant fertilizers.

NPK-value: 5-15-14

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