Orange Get Up Kit

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Orange Get Up Kit


Premium medium sized kit to suit all growers.

Kit Includes:

LightHouse Max Tent 0.5 x 1 x 1.8
Lumii 150mm Aero Cool Tube with a Lumii Digita 600w Dimmable Ballast & 600w Sylvania Grolux HPS Bulb & a 400w Metal Halide bulb.
Lumii Heavy Duty Timer
Lumii Manual 24hour timer
2 x Reducers 150mm-100mm
Rhino Pro Carbon Filter 100mm x 300mm
Hydor HIMF 100mm Extractor Fan
100mm CombiDucting 10m Box
Lumii Rope Rachets
Lumii Lift Hangers
Min-Max Thermo
T5 2 foot Full Kit
2 x 1/2l pots with 2l square saucer
2 x 6.5l pots with 7l square saucer
2 x 18l pots with 18l square saucer
BioBizz Starter Kit
BioBizz Light Mix 50l
5 x 5ml pipette
Essentials pH Meter
pH Up 250ml
pH Down 250ml

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