ROOT !T First Feed 125ML

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ROOT !T First Feed 125ML


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ROOT!T First Feed gives plants the best start in life. Specially formulated with a leading UK university, ROOT!T First Feed contains everything required for healthy growing during this crucial stage including Boron and Calcium for the fastest healthiest root development.

Overall benefits of ROOT!T First Feed

  • Promotes fast and healthy root development.
  • Proven to reduce standard rooting times.
  • Boosts resistance to infection and disease.
  • Increases your chance of success at this difficult and crucial stage.
  • Provides the basis for overall healthy plants.

How ROOT!T First Feed works
Healthy roots are essential for promoting successful vegetative growth and flowering – and this is exactly what ROOT!T First Feed promotes! ROOT!T First Feed contains key ratios of vital nutrients proven to promote the best possible plant growth during this crucial stage.

Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 19 x 12 x 6 cm

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