Yield Panel’s

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Yield Panel’s


Up to 70% more PAR light

Light consists of a spectrum of different colours. Not all colours are absorbable by the plant. PAR stands for grow or photo syntheses light, light that can be used by the plant to grow and flower,
By using Yield panel reflection panels you will increase the PAR values on the sides of your cabinet or tent with up to 70%. Directly under the lamp with up to 30%.  The Yield panels can increase the efficiency of your grow light with 35%. Something regular reflection foil or mylar will never achieve.

4 PANELS , which can be suspended or stuck to area surfaces to increase your plants growth , the lighting which you have is maximised

1000x500x 0,5mm in size each.


Using the Yield panel reflection panels is very simple. The panels are hung against the sides using hangers /rope ratchets. This allow you to gradually  increase the height of the panels as the plants grow bigger.
Especially the lower parts of the plants get extra light reflected from the panels. This of course increases yields of these parts of the plant.

Vega aluminium, 95% reflection

The panels are made of highly reflective Vega aluminium finished of with a glasscoating (PVD).

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 100 x 2 x 48 cm

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