Connoissuer Grow Part A+B 5L


pH Perfect Connoisseur is not cheap. In fact, it’s the most “expensive” Base Nutrient that we carry at Advanced Nutrients.

But is it really “expensive” if it delivers more value than any other Base Nutrient currently available?


You’ve seen why we developed pH Perfect Connoisseur ONLY for advanced growers who can fully exploit its powerful potential because they already have their system dialed in …


You’ve seen the meticulous development and years of research by a team of over 12 plant PhD’s into the unique needs of high-value plant growers and how pH Perfect Connoisseur solves them all for you, one by one …


And you’ve seen three more powerful reasons why pH Perfect Connoisseur is likely the best investment you can make into your growing program …

In short: because of the immense value packed into each bottle of pH Perfect Connoisseur, this premium-priced base nutrient actually saves you money by eliminating lost time, failed crops, and potential wasted harvests.

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