Growbotech Environmental Controller


Big scale indoor agriculture has been existing for some time now and managed by systems that cost thousands of Euro an unfit for a smaller scale. In the past years, indoor agriculture has become an increasing trend with individual people, restaurants, small farms in developing countries and collectives all around the world starting growing their own food and plants therefore creating a demand for environmental controllers tailored to every need and every scale.

This is why we have developed at Growbotech the first Wireless precision environmental controller capable of catering for all scale of indoor agriculture.

The Growbotech Mk2 can be used in indoor grow-rooms, greenhouses, poly-tunnels and mushroom houses.
It measures Temperature, Humidity and CO2 values and uses this information to co-ordinate and automate the fans, air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, Co2, lights and pumps required to control and regulate the environment for optimum crop health, yield and power savings.

The MK2 combines highly accurate sensors, ISM radios and a network of wireless relays, with Green-house management
software designed from the ground up that manages all aspects of the growing conditions. The unit uses wireless relays to control the selected equipment. Each relay is rated to 3000W and supplied in standard plug format.

The unit is managed through an Android application from your smart phone/Tablet and provides the user with bluetooth wireless control of the green house for ease of management and reporting .
The Growbotech Mk2 makes growing easy and takes the approach of a smart modern agriculture.