This Light Is Brought to us By “The Dutch ” manufactured on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Stock is available via Courier, so “Be the Change”


Pro & Standard “White” version
Magnus offers two different light spectrums; Pro & Standard “White”. The first difference between the 2 versions is the visual light colour.  The pro version emits a pink colour while the standard “white” versions emits a white colour.

– The Pro version has a better grow efficiency because all the light output is used by the plant.

– The Standard “white” version has more green and yellow colours than used by the plant. This makes a white visable light colour what some growers prefer but resulting in a little less efficient spectrum. Because the plant will not use as much green and yellow for photosynthesis

Through our spectrum we reach, in contrast to other lights, the correct leaf temperature of > 26 degrees. This is necessary for the majority of crops in order to fully absorb the nutrition supply and not stagnate its grow.

Parabolic Lens
The specially designed parabolic lens ensures that there is an optimal light distribution. There is a better distribution of light to the sides so you get the same result virtually anywhere. This lens also ensures that the light reaches much deeper so that the lower portions of the plants receive sufficient light, this lens also binds the colors so that the entire color spectrum is achieved. We therefore recommend to place the ML-150 LED lamp at least 40cm from the crop.