Vista Homebox Par+


Like the Ambient grow tents, the Vista products come in an elegant, modern shade of beige. This also enables them to be automatically incorporated into the room ambience. They also have large viewing windows so you can look in without altering the climate inside adding some energy and tropical life to you living environment but be assured zip up those viewing windows and be assured of complete darkness with the Total Blackout-Zippers.This product line also features a new solid base and all the technical features that the HOMEbox® brand stands for. For a perfect indoor gardening!


Designed in a place where space is a a premium also , bringing green into apartments all over Berlin, the advancements in the manufacturing is just from time trial and experience. The modern tents white material which is inside is callaed  maximize light using current best material on market providing best fuel for your plants from the light which is supplied.

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