Cosmorrow LED 20W/50cm


The Cosmorrow LED is a compact, durable, waterproof 24-volt LED light.

Screwed in, clipped or hung, with the fasteners included in the Cosmorrow Power Supply,  sold separately.

Cosmorrow LED lights are available with two wattages, 20W / 50cm and 40W / 90cm.

Four colours: Growing, Blooming, Ultraviolet and Infrared.

It uses a standard DC plug, watertight thanks to the addition of a lip during the moulding process.

The BLOOM Cosmorrow LED 20W.

Also called the Full Spectrum light. Designed for blooming and fruiting, with a red peak at 660 nm.

The blue peak at 440 nm also makes it suitable for cutting and growing.

Generally we recommend installing it at a distance of 15 to 35 cm from your plants.

The UV LED Cosmorrow.

Consists of 33% near ultraviolet (365 nm) and 66% 6500 °K LED (cool white).

Designed for growing, also, fights mould growth and improves plants’ immune systems.

Although, exposure to UV light for a long period of time can damage plants

The IR LED Cosmorrow.

Consists of 33% near infrared light (730 nm) and 66% 2100 °K LED light (pure white).

Designed for blooming and fruiting, it also acts as a radiant heater that helps sun loving plants to grow tall.

The GROW LED Cosmorrow.

Made up of “White 6500 °K” LEDs. Designed for the vegetative, cutting or growing stage.

So, we recommend placing it as close as possible to the plants, as its surface temperature is low.

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