A great step into Deep Water Culture, the single plant  Oxypot grow systems produce phenomenal results in a small space and use very little media – just a handful of clay pebbles.

( For single units , drop by the shops for the 20 Litre Bucket and Lid diy sets, some cutting required)

A key feature for hydroponics is training in the root system ,  first few weeks growth in aeroponic grow units such as  an x-stream where the roots are open to quick jet sprays of water on the roots as they are exposed in the dark chamber below top tray. Once you transfer to larger Oxypot roots are established and feeding is very quickly worked into speedy growth.

Another key feature is reversible lid during early growth top feeding the plant there has been a design feature  of indent worked into the reversible top, so the water will  actually work its way down to plant save mess then when fully growing during a nutrient change change the lid you will see the plants reaction.