Pressure Sprayer 1Litre By Solo ” German Technology”


SOLO – the pioneer of mobile plant protection equipment commenced its worldwide success as far back as 1950. The world’s first backpack engine driven mistblower originates from SOLO and so does the first pressure sprayer made from UV resistant poly material.

SOLO 401 Professional mini sprayer with a capacity of 1 l, Viton® seals and lever lock. The robust pump reaches the required operating pressure after just a few strokes. The vertically adjustable nozzle head makes spraying easy, even in awkward places, like underneath leaves. The high-quality nozzle is fully adjustable – from a direct jet to the finest mist.

SOLO 401 and 402 sprayers are also compatible with an optional telescopic wand which can be extended from 25 to 50 cm as required. The telescopic function improves access to parts of plants that are further away or hard to reach. For example, the nozzle head can be pivoted through 180°, making it convenient and effective to treat the underside of affected leaves. Please note this accessory is available separately and not included as standard.

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