Roots Alga Gel


Algas Roots Gel by Symbiosis Nutrients is a gel for rooting plant clones. This rooting compound contains hormones that facilitate the fast formation of roots on cuttings.

With Symbiosis Roots Gel the roots are formed quickly and in large quantities, which ensures the farmer can have the plants ready for repotting just a few days after cutting the clones.

Its composition is based on seaweed and is as easy to use as it is effective.

Simply immerse the cut end of the clone in the root liquid for a few seconds before planting in the next  medium   without excess water and inside a propogator to keep humidity high during the first few days.

When making cuttings, we advise pouring some gel into a seperate container to dip the clones, to avoid any possible contamination of the contents of the original Algas Roots Gel bottle.

Symbiosis Nutrients Algas Roots Gel info:

  • Contains marine plant hormones
  • Use a small amount
  • Discard excess gel after cuttings
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