• Complete one-part propagation feed
  • Simple to use with convenient dose rates
  • Formulated for young plants and cuttings
  • Beneficial for strong root growth
  • The first step in healthy plant propagation

Usage instructions:

Sowing seeds/rooting cuttings – Use at 3-4ml/L  when pre-soaking propagation sponges/plugs prior to sowing seed or taking cuttings. If taking delicate and valuable cuttings we recommend the use of a quality rooting gel to further guarantee success.

For rooted seedlings and cuttings – Use at 6-8ml/L once your cuttings/seedlings have successfully rooted into propagation sponges/plugs. Once you notice plants in plugs/sponges shooting multiple roots we would recommend incorporating VitaLink RootStim into your feed program.

Always shake the bottle well for 20 seconds prior to use as the humic acid will naturally settle over time.

A grower’s hint: Many growers still give cuttings and seedlings a weak dose of adult feed. Please don’t do this, as cuttings and seedlings not only need a weaker feed, they also need the right ratio of key nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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